Ivette & Richard, Brooklyn NY - Anniversary

Ia Orana, Alison! Where do I begin, well let's start with THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can't thank you enough, for all you did. I was in awe of how smoothly everything transitioned at the airports, upon arrival in Tahiti our names were on a board, we received floral leis and taken to the luggage check-in for our flight to Bora Bora. When we arrived in Bora Bora once again we received leis. I was like wow this resort really knows how to pamper a guest, but it was only today that it hit me.

The smooth transitions at the airports were provided by you and not the resorts. I wondered why we had received leis at the Tahiti airport when others had not. We then received the resorts leis at the dock before boarding the boat. That's when they stepped in. On the return trip home, at the airport we received another pair of shell leis and once again our names where on a board; we received boarding information from the gentlemen who gave us our last leis, while others had not. All the extra perks were provided through you, so thank-you for giving me exactly what I wanted when arranging our anniversary-moon.

We had the experience of our lives. This trip was truly worth every cent and travel time. The resorts were AMAZING!!! while we loved Le Meridien and all it's beauty, we were mesmerized with La Taha'a. We felt as if we had the best of both worlds. We had our glass floor in deeper water and we had an amazing spacey, shallow water over-water bungalow too, so sort of speaking we had our cake and ate it too.

The photo shoot and romantic dinner were our highlight at Le Meridien. The place is breathtaking, but our anniversary dinner celebration was very touching and memorable. A special thank you for suggesting another resort and island. Initially we only planned on going to Bora Bora and was somewhat apprehensive when you suggested the split stay, but not only was it worth it, it made it seem as if we were going on a honeymoon after the celebrating the anniversary.  We were able to jump off our decks and go snorkeling with lots of fish without having to go on an excursion. It was very secluded, a lovers paradise! Great move, thank you!!
Forever grateful of your services!!