Tahitian Products

Made in Tahiti

Discover the treasure chest of products created by the hands of Tahitian craftspeople working with wood, stone, plants, and cloth. The skills of the ancestor's artistry are kept sacred and passed on by both the mamas - the guardians of tradition and the matriarchs of Tahitian society - as well as by skilled craftsmen.
Tahitian products are found throughout the islands at local stores, in markets, and at the artisan studios.

Monoi oils which are natural skin products created from the oils of tree fruits and fragrances extracted from the Tiare flower.

Handcrafts such as: intricate carvings of stone; wooden drums, bowls, platters, and sculptures carved from precious native woods; and elaborate hats, purses, and mats woven from coconut and pandanus leaves.

Original paintings of the water, bungalows, and people created by Tahitian and French resident artists.

Pareu (akin to Polynesian sarong) cloth wrappings. Those created in Tahiti are hand dyed and brightly colored.

Handmade quilts called tifaifai crafted from traditional designs by the island matriarchs or "mamas."