• Do you charge fees for payment by credit card?
• What are the payment requirements and when is the balance due?
• Can I make payment installments or set up a payment plan?
• What method of payment do you accept?
• Do you offer Travel Insurance?
• We already have a quote. Can you price match?
• Besides the package Cost are there any other costs we can expect?

Do you charge fees for payment by credit card?

No, unlike many other travel companies who add their bank’s merchant fees (3%-5%) to a package price, we do not charge our clients any additional fees. The cash price is the same price as the credit card price!

What is the deposit requirement and when is the balance due?

We want you to know all the details about your trip to Tahiti before making a commitment. You do not have to pay for your Tahiti trip up front. With a deposit of $300.00 per person your reservation is booked. Air Tahiti Nui requires payment of the airline tickets within 21 days of confirmation (airfare sales are subject to instant payment rules sometimes) and your final balance payment is not required until 6 weeks prior to your departure.

Can I make payment installments OR SET UP A PAYMENT PLAN towards my balance amount?

Yes most certainly. We are very happy to offer Tahiti vacation packages with payment plans. Many of our customers prefer to make instalment payments for their Tahiti trip as funds become available. Alternatively, when you’re ready to plan a trip to Tahiti, call us and we’ll create a vacation payment plan that will work for you. It's important to know that vacation payment plans are becoming quite common when people are looking at getting married in Bora Bora or Moorea. Most importantly, we will provide you with a receipt for all of your vacation installment payments.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Payments by Check, Credit Card or Bank Wire are accepted.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

Yes, we do offer a comprehensive Travel Protection Plan (optional but highly recommended) - payable at time of Deposit. See full details under Travel Insurance

We already have a quote? Can you price match?

In most cases, we can meet or beat other agencies Tahiti vacation prices. Simply provide us with the written quote including the different islands, airfare, resorts, sightseeing & any amenities you may be looking at and Tahiti Travel Mate will do the rest. 

Besides the Package Cost are there other costs we can expect?

There is a City Tax in Tahiti that must be paid direct to the hotels. The charge is XPF 200 per person, per day (approx. US$1.90) - this will automatically appear on your hotel bill along with any sundry items such as phone calls, drinks, meals etc. that you incur. Apart from that city Tax though, there are no other hidden costs. The Room and VAT Tax (like the Sales Tax here in the United States) is already included with your package cost.

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