Austral Islands

Hundreds of miles to the south of Tahiti lie the Austral islands, a chain of five high islands located on the Tropic of Capricorn.

The islands are known for the traditional art of weaving coconut and pandanus leaves into elaborate hats, purses, mats, and bags. The ocean around the islands is also a home for whales from July to November.


Things to See and Do

•    Beaches
•    Snorkeling
•    Whale watching excursions (seasonal)
•    Biking
•    Horseback Riding

The islands with small hotels and family pensions are:

•    Rurutu: Island of Whales    
•    Tubuai: the island of Plenty
•    Raivavae: at the dawning of the world
•    Rapa: Easter Island's Little Sister

Featured Excursions: 

•    Outrigger Canoe, Motu Picnic and Snorkeling Full day tour
•    Jet Ski Guided Tour
•    4WD Safari
•    Horseback Riding